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Reseller & Dealers

We offer resellers 3 ways to market our products. You may choose to buy our soaps in bulk for resale, private label the items for your own unique brand, or have the soaps dropshipped to your customer. Whichever option you select, we are confident that we can assist in providing your customers with quality handmade products that will prompt repeat business. Simply email your intent to participate as a reseller or dropship client and include your full company name, address and contact information. We will set up the appropriate account for you and email you the details. There are no set up fees or monthly fees for any of our services. Go to our Application.

Wholesale Pricing - If you prefer to stock your own merchandise, then wholesale purchase is the best way to go. There are NO minimum ordering quantities to ensure that stocking our soap is manageable for you. Wholesale pricing starts at 30% off the retail price, so there is plenty of room for you to make a good profit margin. Our soap bars retail for $6.50 and we have see the price in spas and salons offered at $6 - $8 each. Our products are shipped in 12 bar cartons and there is NO minimum order. You can order any combination of scents, but 12 bars of the same scent are in each carton. We will set up a wholesale account for you and email you the details. Go to our Application.

 Size Qty 12-Pack Price Price / bar
 12-Pack Labeled 1-2 $54.60 $4.55
 12-Pack Labeled
3-6 $51.00 $4.25
 12-Pack Labeled 6+ $47.40 $3.95

 Size Qty 12-Pack Price Price / bar
 12-Pack Unlabeled 1-2 $52.20 $4.35
 12-Pack Unlabeled 3-6 $48.60 $4.05
 12-Pack Unlabeled 6+ $45.00 $3.75

 Size Qty Log Price Price / 5 oz bar
 4 Pound Soap Log* 1-2 $48.75
 4 Pound Soap Log* 3-6 $45.50
 4 Pound Soap Log* 6+ $42.00

* Soap logs average 3.75 - 4.25 pounds

Dropshipping - If you do not prefer to stock your own merchandise, then wholesale dropshipping is the best way to go. There are no fees or minimum quantities and we only charge you for merchandise that you ask us to ship to your customer. We use your company information on the packaging and all paperwork is labeled with your company name. This makes reselling quality handmade products under your name very easy without the need for expensive manufacturing and shipping facilities. We take care of all packaging/shipping and your customer receives the products quickly and efficiently. Drop shipping is also a great way to build a satisfied customer base with repeat business. We will set up a dropship account for you and email you the details. Go to our Application.

Type Dropship Price / bar
 Individual Bars labeled $4.55
 Individual Bars Unlabeled $4.35
4 Pound Soap Log $48.75

Order Size Dropship Postage
1 bar $2.50
2 bars $4.60
3-4 bars $5.95
5-7 bars $6.95
8 or more $8.95
Soap Logs (up to 3 logs per box) $8.95 per box total

How Wholesale Dropship Works

1) You do not purchase any merchandise until you have sold the item and collected the money from your customer.
2) You purchase the item from us and we ship it directly to your customer.
3) We keep your credit card on file and charge it as you place dropship orders with us. You are not required to go through a shopping cart each time you drop ship an order.

The Benefits of Dropshipping

• This allows you to sell a broad range of products with no investment.
• There is no expensive inventory or warehouse to maintain.
• You do not have to take the time to package and mail the merchandise.
• You also do not have packaging material expenses when dropshipping.
• No minimum order. Buy as little or as much as you like.

When We Dropship, We Do the Following:

1) We include YOUR return address and/or business name.
2) We do NOT include our company name anywhere on or in the order.
3) We do NOT include the prices paid for the merchandise.
4) We make sure your customers stay your customers.

Private Labeling
- Private labeling allows you to develop your own name brand while offering your customers the very best natural products available. Custom packaging is perfect for store displays, gift baskets, mail order stores, gift shops, craft shows, special events and farmers markets. Most often, we use our traditional packaging that has no brand preprinted. We can add your logo to the label itself or use a sticker on the back that has room for more details about your company. We will set up a private label account for you and email you the details. Go to our Application.

Shipping - We realize that expensive shipping charges can cut into your profit. That's why we give you the lowest shipping rates available by using several delivery services. Soap is heavy and we will always use the most cost effective method to save you money. Due to the natural curing process of our soaps, we ship twice weekly for all orders so that the soap is perfectly cured. We produce sufficient stock so that there are very few shipping delays. Each 12-pack weights approximately 4 pounds when packaged. For most orders, we use USPS Priority Mail. We can usually keep the cost of shipping as low as $10 for orders up to 12 pounds.


Dealer / Wholesale / Dropship Application

Please allow 1-2 days for us to set up your account and email the information. You will then be able to log into the dealer section and place orders as needed.

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