Natural Health Resource Center

  • Natural remedies, homeopathy, herbal preparations, and other alternative health practices can offer a natural way to maintain ones health. However, herbs can be very powerful and it is important to know how your body responds to different combinations and doses. This section provides some guidance when selecting alternative health options.

Natural Health Resource Center

The aim of this section is to keep visitors up to date with the latest discoveries and healing methods from round the world. This includes the use of herbal preparations to prevent and treat sickness, aromatherapy to heal and soothe the soul, reflexology for isolating specific areas of the body, and homeopathy to treat particular conditions. We also provide information on how natural products are used and prepared in our daily lives.

We hope we can provide some of the information and tools necessary for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For you, it may be choosing to buy organic produce, using herbal remedies or simply enjoying an aromatherapy bath. But it all contributes to a healthier community that is less dependent on chemicals or medications with harsh side effects. Quality information and successful natural techniques require open communication with those who are experienced in natural health. We welcome comments, herbal recipes, success stories and advice.

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